Driving Information

  • Please follow the steps below to provide the necessary information to receive a parking pass.  Students who complete this process will be issued a parking pass.  It will be first come first served for parking. 

    After completing ALL the requirements, you will need to see Ms. DiCrocco in the Main office to receive your parking pass. 

    1. Complete Alive a 25 Course (Visit Alive at 25 and click find a class to sign up for an upcoming course if you have not completed it.) 
    2. Pay $5 Parking Fee
      • The student can either pay this at GHS - the exact amount only.  Or you can call 803-821-1989 and pay over the phone. 
    3. Consent to Drug Testing - Download the form HERE This needs to be filled out every year. 
    4. Complete Parking Form HERE.  You will need the following:
      • PDF/Photo of Alive at 25 certificate.
      • Vehicle Tag Number
      • Vehicle Make, Model, Car, and Type
      • Agree to Parking Rules & Regulations