• Roary's cafe

    Breakfast (for those who would like to have breakfast at school) will be available in the Cafeteria from 7:00-7:30 am.

    Lunch choices will be available each morning for the student to choose in the classroom. Students may bring a lunch from home in a lunchbox, however, please know these cannot be heated or kept cool in the classroom. 

    Lunch times vary for each class and grade level.


    TITAN Family Portal is now LINQ Connect!

    The Titan Family Portal is now LINQ Connect and all of your information has already been transferred over for you.

    Simply log in using your existing username and password. All your student, payment information, recurring payments, notifications and anything else you’ve previously set up will remain. If you use a browser to access your accounts, no problem. Visit LINQConnect.com and log in.

    Visit your app store to download today. For additional information and tools please visit the parent resource center