• Empower each child to design the future.



  • Our mission is to cultivate a caring community where ALL learners are extraordinary communicators, collaborators, creators and critical thinkers.



  • In Lexington County School District One, it is our goal to prepare graduates who are accomplished in 21st century skills and serve as a learning center for the entire community. We seek continuous improvement in overall achievement, such as achievement gaps, acceleration, and the effects of poverty, to accomplish this mission. Our aim is to maintain a strong graduation rate by providing students with skills they will need to be successful in today’s world, including being proficient in multiple languages.

    1. All students, regardless of circumstances, advance on time, prepared to graduate and ready to enter college, the military or industry with certification.

    2. Teaching and learning develop power skills in all students.

    3. Our schools are service-oriented centers of learning, committed to family and community partnerships.

    4. Every adult will be equipped with the skills and resources necessary to advocate for and ensure the success of all students.


  • 1. The district will increase the percentage of students who are progressing on-time with the requisite skills for success at their current grade levels.

    2. The district will implement strategies to improve equity in high-level coursework.

    3. The district will implement strategies to improve performance in high–level coursework.

    4. The district will improve the conditions that lead to student success in each school by utilizing a system of advocacy for each child that facilitates healthy social and emotional growth. 

    5. The district will increase opportunities for district personnel to participate in collaborative professional learning opportunities that impact student achievement.

    6. The district will implement strategies to improve customer service, parent engagement, and community involvement.