• science classroomWe focus on learning in every decision we make.

    In Lexington County School District One, we believe that high expectations promote high achievement. For this reason, we focus our academic curriculum on forming students into collaborative, multilingual leaders who are confident in academics.

    Public schools are vital in shaping our democratic society. We must be deliberate in our commitment to provide diverse educational experiences that foster global awareness. Through our schools and educators, we teach our students to be prepared as leaders and citizens of our society.

    Our instruction is personalized with structured choices that lead to self-directed learning. We are proud to offer a variety of sophisticated learning environments to accommodate the many interests of our students. Students have the opportunity to learn advanced skills through our Centers for Advanced Studies and to become globally oriented through our World Languages and Partial Immersion program.

    Technology is an essential tool for collaboration, instruction, and learning and is woven throughout our curriculum across all levels and departments. Students are taught to use technology in a way that better prepares them for the technical life and provides career skills they will need to be successful in the 21st century.

    We believe we are collectively responsible and accountable for student learning, and because of this, we focus on learning in every decision we make in Lexington County School District One.

    Here is some helpful academic information.

    Family Friendly Guides to South Carolina Academic Standards