We have a web based work order system. Work orders can be entered from any location inside or outside of the district.

    Each school enters their own work orders. We ask the principals or their designee to review all work orders before they are sent to us. Once we receive them, they are reviewed and sent on to the appropriate party.

    We repair any building related item, system, or finish. Large items, like carpet replacement, HVAC units, lawn mowers, etc., need to be budgeted by the schools.

    The work order system allows schools and the maintenance staff the ability to track the status of any work order. The work order system is new and is being improved all of the time. Currently, we are working to add extensive reporting features to the existing system.


    If a school loses power or water pressure, we ask that the principal call the maintenance office at the district office to make us aware of the problem. In the case of lost power, the school’s custodian should be able to determine if the problem is a power company issue or a problem with the electrical system in the school by looking in the main electrical room. That can often save time in getting the problem resolved.

    We also ask administrators to call the maintenance department if they notice anything they consider to be a serious hazard that needs immediate attention.