Social and Emotional Resiliency

  • Grades 3–12 Parent/Guardian Consent for Social and Emotional Resiliency Survey

    For the first time, Lexington County School District One will offer a universal social and emotional resiliency survey to students in grades 3 through 12. The South Carolina Department of Education requires all school districts to have and use a universal social and emotional learning survey.

    We provide this resiliency survey through a partnership with Terrace Metrics, Inc. This brief (approximately 10–15 minutes) survey helps participating students examine their social and emotional strengths and needs. This video provides more information about that survey.

    You have the right to review, upon request, any materials which will be used in connection with this resiliency survey for students in grades 3 through 12. Here are some sample survey questions if you’d like to review them.

    What are the benefits of the student survey?

    Research shows that schools play an important role in helping families raise healthy children when those schools measure and teach social-emotional skills.

    By surveying your students, we identify students with strong social-emotional development, and we learn which students might benefit from additional services. Using this tool in combination with academic and other non-cognitive data, we learn the needs of the whole student.

    That information helps us design, implement, and evaluate interventions that address students’ specific needs and opportunities to enhance their strengths.

    What should I know as a parent or guardian?

    • Only students who have parent permission can participate in this survey/assessment. If you do not want your child to participate, you must sign this form and have your child return it to his/her homeroom teacher.
    • To see a description of the areas surveyed, click here.
    • You, the parent/legal guardian, will receive a customized, easy-to-follow report of your student’s results and specific recommendations.
    • The data gathered, scored, and coded uses only your child’s district-assigned student ID number. Your child will not enter any personal information.
    • Only designated members of the school’s response team (e.g., school counselors, administrators) will have access to your child’s report. Teachers will not have access to a student’s data.
    • This survey/assessment is not a diagnostic tool.
    • No information from this assessment will be placed into your child’s education file.
    • Not all students in a school receive the survey at the same time. Generally, we survey 100 to 200 students at the same time. After the district processes those 100 to 200 students’ surveys, the following 100 to 200 students take the survey. This allows response teams to review and adequately respond to these students’ needs.


    Our response team members will receive individual student reports immediately after the student completes the assessment. They will then review each report to determine the next steps for each student. If there are any concerns regarding your child’s responses, a member of the school’s response team will contact you by telephone. As a reminder, student reports are not shared with teachers. Only authorized response team members have access to that information.

    Virtual students in the Lexington District One Online Learning Academy in grades 6–12) will receive a separate consent will be sent to the parent/or guardian with specific instructions about their survey administration schedule. This survey will not occur until we have completed the survey for all in-person students.